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by nstand, 30/09, 23:35

Playing out from the back is about keeping possession, being in control. Kicking it long has a much lower % of having control 5 seconds later. It's why the better teams do it. I get that - completely.

It clearly didn't work today because outside of AC none of the back 5 looked comfortable on the ball, Bakayoko and Kante were poor receiving the ball facing our own goal and Fabregas was nullified from getting the ball.

We then got stuck into kicking long to Alonso whilst not actually committing as a team to pushing up so you had such a huge gap between Alonso, Bakayoko and the rest of the defence and midfield that the chances of winning that ball were tiny. Our best outcome, which happened once in first half was Walker winning the header and us getting the throw in.

They pressed, we couldn't handle the press, we played longer but for fear of their pace and control in game never committed to moving forward, left huge gaps for them to pass and move threw us.

I put this on Conte, Willian sub was what I would have done but didn't work, we never pressed/committed or defended as a deep unit with a lone striker as a team. The last 10 maybe we pressed, caused hem problems but it was more out of desperation than a deliberate tactic.

Have to learn from it, prepare better. That was a very good, in form team we played today and credit to them but we made it easier than it should have been.

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