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by upthechels @, 01/10, 10:43

I can't help but think playing Morata and Hazard in Madrid cost us a shot at yesterday. I think Conte's focus wasn't that of a chess playing manager plotting his next move. We all know Morata and Eden are short of full fitness and with that in mind did Conte really expect both of them to manage two very tough games inside 3 days? . Morata was on his knees in Spain - such were his admirable efforts. I posted on Facebook we had to manage the team to play the 2 tough games but after the events it seems to me Conte left very little in reserve for City. We also saw Fabregas play virtually the 2 games...really? I'm a huge fan of Fabregas but no way in the world do I see 176 minutes of football inside a few days with a couple of thousand miles between venues from him.

Did Conte see the Atletico game as the big one?
Has Conte decided we won't win the PL and put his chess playing skills to to use in Europe?
His record in the CL is often questioned so is this a personal crusade to clear his name?

Let me make this clear...I'm NOT having a pop at Conte or the team - I'm just trying to fathom out why 3 key players in Morata, Hazard and Fabregas were not employed knowing two of them were still in 'recovery' and the other just isn't a 180 minute player inside 3 days. This is not hindsight...it seems a lack of planning to me. Unless Conte got exactly what he wanted...victory in Spain accepting he never got the bonus of nicking something from City. There are players I don't worry about playing hectic games...Aspi and Kante spring to mind - others need to be played wisely imo.

We all hate the term 'tiredness' so early in a season. We all know the players are professional sportsmen paid millions of pounds to be in top condition. Why did we see a tired looking side? Hazard ran his guts out trying to be both Morata and himself. Did Conte use his squad wisely over the 2 games? I'm not so sure he did.

Michy...I get the feeling he frustrates the hell out of Conte and the least the Don sees of him the better. We all saw a straight swap yesterday but not Conte. This could be because Conte never wanted to lose another striker to injury...we don't really know but I suspect the former.

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