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Tottenham Reserves?
by upthechels @, 09/10, 12:09

I hate to slate England but we're poor.

Southgate as manager...really? What's on his CV that puts him above all others? Being English I guess. So we're starting with an English manager for no good reason other than being nice, easy going and English. Who was the last English manager to win the PL? Has there ever been one? Who was the last English manager to qualify or win the CL? Has there ever been one? A group of people are making decisions based on a persons roots and his persona rather than his footballing knowledge and know how. Straight away we're off to a terrible start.

Southgate toes the line by playing a stream of likewise appointments. Henderson??? Livermore??? Sturridge, Oxlade, Defoe etc...why??? On what basis are they picked???

I've watched Alli turn in below average shows...flicking his finger is all I can remember from him on the pitch - oh and for failing to score for the last 18 games against some dreadful defences!!! I've seen poor form from Rashford and still we throw him out there to do the same the next time, if not worse! Total lack of control from those 2, total lack of ability to beat a man or get a ball past a blocker.

It's rotten and it's rotten because those that run the show run it badly. We have talent but we choose second rate managers...ENGLISHMEN!!!

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