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Blaming Cahill
by 1WB, 17/09, 17:27

If you think that was the issue today [clown]

Blaming Cahill
by upthechels @, 17/09, 17:36 @ 1WB

I don't blame Cahill at all, I blame Conte.

I saw absolutely no reason for change when you have picked up 9 points since GC's ban started. Spurs (away) , Everton and Leicester (away) all seen off with very little wrong in defence.

I don't think any player should waltz back in....I'm totally with Conte on Hazard being on the bench but I fail to see the value of any change when things are going so well in the league. I exclude the CL game...that was a joke game in all honesty.

Perhaps Conte will have his reasons but on the face of it it appears crazy to me.

Today doesn't make us a bad team, a bad manager and certainly not a bad player in Cahill.

Blaming Cahill
by 1WB, 17/09, 17:39 @ upthechels

The result rests firmly with conte. The game needed changing from 25 mins in. Solid at the back. Morata isolated. It was screaming out for Hazard.

Blaming Cahill
by upthechels @, 17/09, 17:51 @ 1WB


We played from the back (as per) but this time it was Cahill and Dave looking to receive and start moves off. Arsenal took our number and we never changed the plan...they pressed deep into us and that detached Morata even further as we struggled to get the ball to Fabregas and co in the midfield. It was obvious to me that Fabregas and Pedro had to depart and Baka and Hazard had to play. Kante could only do so much out there and needed support I felt.

I actually think Conte is happy with the point. We certainly never appeared to have urgency...Willian's slow walk when subbed suggests may be a draw was acceptable.

Blaming Cahill
by 1WB, 17/09, 18:36 @ upthechels

The problem with playing from the back is that it requires movement ahead. We were static and forced back to Thibaut. They put two on fabregas a lot of the time, Willian and Pedro failed to exploit the space.

Hazard on at HT and that game is won, IMO

Blaming Cahill
by upthechels @, 17/09, 18:40 @ 1WB

[^] [^]

Blaming Cahill
by Famous, 17/09, 21:00 @ upthechels

Luiz was walking an awful lot in that second half, and if he had a bit more urgency before the foul for the red then he'd never have found himself in the position to need to make the tackle. It was really odd as first half I was thinking how great he's been and how we don't have to worry about him anymore and then he goes and does that.

Blaming Cahill
by nstand, 17/09, 20:22 @ 1WB

Yep, needed a bit of Jose at Fulham all those years back to make a change early. We were lucky to be 0-0 at HT, although we should have made more of those first 15

Blaming Cahill
by stanic_worship, 18/09, 06:55 @ 1WB

[^] Thought Morata was great working with what little he was given.

Blaming Cahill
by CFC1905, 17/09, 18:46 @ 1WB

Moses was pony. Cahill was poor. Fabregas had a strange game.

Conte should definitely have started Bakayoko, and I don't like the fact that Cahill walked back into the team.

I think Zappacosta will be our right back soon enough.

I can only think of two chances we created today? Didn't lose at least.

Blaming Cahill
by Famous, 17/09, 20:57 @ CFC1905

Should have stuck with Rudiger who's done nothing wrong to have been left out, whereas Zappacosta deserved to start I think. I can forgive Conte not starting Bakayoko and Hazard as they're both not 100% yet but would have preferred him to have started them and then take them off once we got into a winning position, rather than bringing them on to chase the game. He doesn't often get it wrong but he did today.

Blaming Cahill
by upthechels @, 17/09, 21:21 @ Famous

I thought he looked like he knew the game needed to go up a gear...hence him springing out of defence a couple of times. It was as if he decided to inject some urgency on his own. A lot of frustration from Luiz at the end I thought. The defence were forced to work today and the midfield largely had a day off.

Slack day all round but I still cant fathom out why Conte decided to change things when we were rolling along nicely.

Blaming Cahill
by Cfcsort, 17/09, 19:45 @ 1WB

Said the same to Pask at half time

Blaming Cahill
by nstand, 17/09, 20:18 @ 1WB

He was certainly part of the issue, not THE issue. Arsenal like other clubs have identified his shortcomings on the ball and allow him to have it at the back, often without pressure he will give the ball away.

Today Conte, Pedro and William were at fault. Pedro and William were very wasteful in those first 15 minutes, lacking their usual quality in the final third. Conte made the right change at half time but Hazard for me was brought on too late given neither Pedro, Willian or Fabregas was playing anywhere near the top of their game 2 JD half.

Shame as they were not great, in fact looked like 2 average teams until Sanchez and Hazard came on

Blaming Cahill
by Famous, 17/09, 20:54 @ nstand


Blaming Cahill
by stanic_worship, 18/09, 06:53 @ nstand

Agree with all that, but would Fabregas who was constantly denied space and pressured into giving it away, meaning we had nothing in the middle that first half.

Pedro was gone as soon as he took that knock.

Blaming Cahill
by nstand, 18/09, 08:00 @ stanic_worship

Yep that's fair

Blaming Cahill
by stanic_worship, 18/09, 06:54 @ 1WB

He played like a mong, but not his fault.

Blaming Cahill
by cfcww, 18/09, 11:50 @ 1WB

Not sure anyone should be blamed for drawing with Arsenal. I think people need a bit of perspective as it was hardly disastrous performance or result.

The issue for me with Cahill is that if we are going to improve as a team, which we will have to do to win the League again and have a run in the CL, then he has to play at the top of his game all the time. When he is in form he meets the standard but he suffers from major dips in form which go on for large chunks of seasons. The last dip in form spanned the second half of the 2014/15, all of 2015/16 and he only came back to form last year when Conte switched to three central defenders. It's hard to say whether his form is on the slide again but in the three games I've seen with him playing this year, he's mistimed challenges leading to reds and yellows and looks uncomfortable on the ball so it doesn't bode well.

He certainly doesn't look comfortable on the left side of the three that's for sure.

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