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by 1WB, 17/09, 19:28

Man of the match... I didn't realise he played [eh]

by Cfcsort, 17/09, 19:46 @ 1WB

[^] really??!

by CFC1905, 17/09, 19:49 @ 1WB

I would have given MOTM to Luiz before his red.

by 1WB, 17/09, 19:56 @ CFC1905

I thought he had a good game up til the red

by stanic_worship, 18/09, 06:54 @ 1WB

He was brilliant.

by nstand, 17/09, 20:20 @ 1WB

Thought he ran the midfield until Bakayokos long legs and willingness to run brought him down to earth. Should have scored when he hit the post.

Luiz was best player on the park

by Famous, 17/09, 21:03 @ 1WB

He was very good for long periods, in fact they mostly all played well, particularly compared to the Liverpool game. It's worrying how they've seem to look decent playing against us in the past year or so (aside from the 3-1 at home last season).

Luiz was brilliant for about an hour and then just seemed to go into the old Luiz world again, it was really odd.

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