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by stanic_worship, 18/09, 09:04

Morata looks a player and once we can get him the service, he'll be scoring for fun (he has started well in fairness).

Bakayoko looks very very decent - Made a huge difference when he came on, shades of Essien (but actually I think Bakayoko is a much more complete player).

We largely defended quite well (particularly Luiz), although we were only ever a short goal kick and a bit of f'g around at the back away from giving away chances.

Hazard looks very close to full fitness and god knows we need him in the team.

by upthechels @, 18/09, 09:29 @ stanic_worship


I see a touch of Yaya Toure re Baka rather than Essien but he does look a talented beast.

by CLL_JT26, 18/09, 10:02 @ stanic_worship


We've taken some stick (especially in the media) for our summer transfer dealings, but for me if you look at our title winning team from last year -

I think rudiger and/or Christensen will turn out to be a better option than Cahill, zappacosta an upgrade on Moses, bakayoko an upgrade on matic and morata looks quite special.

A lot of games coming up in the next few weeks, hopefully get the above players (and hazard) up to speed and settled in to the first team. I think we will really kick on and go on a good run then, especially with difficult early fixtures out the way.

by Famous, 18/09, 11:23 @ stanic_worship

I watched it back on MOTD2 in case I was being overly critical of Luiz, but he did indeed go back to bad habits in the last 20 minutes or so after starting so well (carrying on his great form). For example, that one where he won the ball well against Welbeck then decided to do a no look pass deep in our own half, giving it straight back to them. It was weird how he ended up playing so casually all round.

by upthechels @, 18/09, 13:43 @ Famous

As a huge fan of Luiz I err in his favour - I get the feeling he was peed off with our midfield and was so desperate to win he went gung ho . He was looking to break rank most of the last 30 minutes so I guess when little was happening up top he tried to make it happen....that's my biased version [wink]

Silly red card but that would reflect on him as a very frustrated bad loser :-D

by R1der, 18/09, 11:30 @ stanic_worship

The pitch looked lovely and green...

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