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by shed69, 20/09, 23:08

Just seen his assist for our 4th. Ridiculous.

by Kingkerry2, 20/09, 23:27 @ shed69

No bias but on his day I see only two players ahead of him in world football
So lucky to be able to see him
Week in week out

by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 21/09, 06:17 @ Kingkerry2

Current value 180 million?

by Kingkerry2, 21/09, 06:56 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

Value is irrelevant, in my opinion, as he can't be replaced
Spurs cashed in on a silly offer for Bale and wasted the money on 5-6 average players
Same with Liverpool and Suarez money

by stanic_worship, 21/09, 07:58 @ shed69

I hope Conte sells him for not sending it back to the keeper. [hit]

by shed69, 21/09, 14:02 @ stanic_worship

Too right, bloody show off

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