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Places to visit
by Walter @, 22/09, 21:04

Places to visit before you die....

...I've never been to Scotland. Wouldn't mind going to the Outer Hebrides to camp for a few days.


Places to visit
by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 22/09, 21:42 @ Walter

Would like to play golf at st Andrews before I'm to[old] apart from that Ashes test match in Australia is on my bucket list.

Places to visit
by ejm @, 22/09, 22:18 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

[^] Boxing Day Ashes Test at MCG..... Old Firm Derby.....I've always wanted, for some bizarre reason, to take a train to Rome.

Places to visit
by Famous, 22/09, 21:57 @ Walter

Bournemouth away :-D

Places to visit
by 1WB, 22/09, 23:05 @ Walter

Probably 100+ places. Would take forever to type

Places to visit
by MHLPisshead, 22/09, 23:23 @ 1WB

I've never been to Me.

Places to visit
by mhl_pete @, 23/09, 00:01 @ MHLPisshead


Excellent J, those of a certain vintage [old]

Places to visit
by ejm @, 23/09, 09:13 @ mhl_pete

[^] Been to Paradise.

Places to visit
by MHLPisshead, 23/09, 16:54 @ mhl_pete


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