P302Rivals Football - Chelsea FC
Well that was class
by chesterfield-chelsea, 27/09, 23:29

Sat in a "neutral" part of the home end, fair few Chelsea but obviously mostly Atletico. Couldn't believe how many chances we were creating, even at 1-0 down I fancied us to score. Young lad behind me giving Morata shit all game... he loved it when the equaliser went in and he had me screaming "booooooom" about 2cm away from his face... liked it even more when that winner went in and I was giving em all the gun fingers!! Bang bang! Never gonna sleep now and have an early flight back!!! Antonioooo antonioooo

Well that was class
by 1WB, 27/09, 23:38 @ chesterfield-chelsea

Incredible day and night! [shades] [fb]

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