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Hugh Hefner
by 1WB, 28/09, 06:42

Brown bread

Hugh Hefner
by cfcww, 28/09, 10:25 @ 1WB

Now there was a man who lived a full life.

Hugh Hefner
by stanic_worship, 28/09, 20:53 @ cfcww

The embodiment of not waiting to snuff it to bag 72 virgins. [pcfc]

Hugh Hefner
by Famous, 29/09, 08:11 @ stanic_worship


Hugh Hefner
by ejm @, 29/09, 07:54 @ cfcww

He once asked a 19 year old out on a date. She said she'd never been out with anyone over 24 before to which he replied... neither have I.

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