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by Walter @, 30/09, 21:10

.....you've got to put your hands up and say that

1) you were poor

2) opposition were good

3) winning goal was decent and better team won

Christensen, though, was bloody brilliant, I thought.

by nstand, 30/09, 21:42 @ Walter

Spot on. Christensen was top draw, I don't see how him and Luiz wouldn't be first choices for 2 of the 3 at the back.

by Walter @, 30/09, 21:58 @ nstand

Very much so. Christensen was unlucky not to score from a corner, too.

I forgot to add how fking fuming the game made me re: Costa. I know I should probably "move on" but I STILL feel he has proper mugged us off here.

We were always a Morata injury away from this. We're lucky it's 2 weeks until our next game so he can get fit.

We end up playing a false 9 against a team who haven't conceded a goal for about 5 or 6 weeks because Diego spent 10 weeks on the piss in Brazil FFS.

by nstand, 30/09, 23:23 @ Walter

Only thing I'd say on the matter is that Chelsea knew last January. Last year we had just Costa up top, his year its Morata. We weren't keeping both. The clubs not managed the forward position well; Llorente at his age and experience, also dog slow would have been a useful addition.

by Famous, 01/10, 09:29 @ nstand

Agreed, although we did have a striker on the bench yesterday, who for all his flaws does have a knack of scoring goals. Even Pedro would have been preferable to Willian, whose body language doesn't look good at the moment.

by ejm @, 30/09, 22:15 @ nstand

Cahill found wanting at the higher levels.

by ejm @, 30/09, 21:47 @ Walter

[^] Agree all round particularly about Christensen. Saw Pep chatting to him after the game.

We have to stop this nonsense about moaning about tiredness/not enough time to prepare. When Conte starts this, it filters down to the players and they went out today like rabbits caught in headlights. That said Citeh were excellent as disjointed as we were. All in all I feel Citeh have set the bar to a higher level.

by 1WB, 30/09, 22:01 @ Walter

You’ve got to accept that the manager got it massively wrong

by R1der, 30/09, 22:10 @ 1WB

I really don't get this whole play it from the back thing. Against a pub XI fine but, against probably the best side out there?

Almost came a cropper with one and they nearly scored from it in the first half.

And wtf is Hazard defending the corner kicks? Added nothing with that. Leave him up top where he can cause damage.

Losing possession far too easily, Fabregas poor, Bakayoko poor.

Special mention to Christensen and Rudiger who both continue to show they have what it takes, imo.

Very disappointed, especially after the showing in midweek.

by nstand, 30/09, 23:35 @ R1der

Playing out from the back is about keeping possession, being in control. Kicking it long has a much lower % of having control 5 seconds later. It's why the better teams do it. I get that - completely.

It clearly didn't work today because outside of AC none of the back 5 looked comfortable on the ball, Bakayoko and Kante were poor receiving the ball facing our own goal and Fabregas was nullified from getting the ball.

We then got stuck into kicking long to Alonso whilst not actually committing as a team to pushing up so you had such a huge gap between Alonso, Bakayoko and the rest of the defence and midfield that the chances of winning that ball were tiny. Our best outcome, which happened once in first half was Walker winning the header and us getting the throw in.

They pressed, we couldn't handle the press, we played longer but for fear of their pace and control in game never committed to moving forward, left huge gaps for them to pass and move threw us.

I put this on Conte, Willian sub was what I would have done but didn't work, we never pressed/committed or defended as a deep unit with a lone striker as a team. The last 10 maybe we pressed, caused hem problems but it was more out of desperation than a deliberate tactic.

Have to learn from it, prepare better. That was a very good, in form team we played today and credit to them but we made it easier than it should have been.

by stanic_worship, 30/09, 23:37 @ nstand

Bang on. [^]

by 1WB, 30/09, 23:40 @ nstand

Not replacing a striker for a striker, at the stage in the game was never a right call.

I’m glad I left on 65 minutes

by nstand, 30/09, 23:46 @ 1WB

With hindsight I agree, we weren't playing well at the time but our shape got worse, at the time I thought it was the right decision

by 1WB, 30/09, 23:56 @ nstand

Did you applaud the hazard sub too [:1]

by Famous, 01/10, 09:37 @ R1der

Playing from the back drove me mad in the early games last year. For all his strengths, Cahill is not a ball playing defender and Courtois never looks comfortable with it.
As you say, you can maybe get away with it against lesser sides, but when you're playing good teams and you know the personnel you've got isn't suited to doing it, why bother? There must be other ways of trying to keep the ball without either trying to slowly knock it around at the back waiting to be hassled into an error, or just lumping it long and hoping it sticks.

by OSGOODWASGOOD, 01/10, 17:24 @ R1der

I don’t agree with it at all.
I just don’t ever remember a team scoring a goal from goal kicks passed sideways to a defender, apart from the attacking team, because the defender loses it or gives it away.
What is wrong with a goal kick smacked halfway into the opponents half? Absolutely nothing. At least if the opponents get the ball from the kick, we have 10/11 men behind it. Is that so wrong? No, of course not.
We fuck about with it at the back and invariably lose it/give it away, before we get into the opponents half.
I’d sooner have the safety of the ball being in the opponents half, rather than the potential calamity of losing it just outside our area.
It is not rocket science, and must stop, immediately.

by Walter @, 30/09, 22:16 @ 1WB

OK i'm having two conversations with you on here and on twitter.

my phone is broken which is maybe a good thing

i didn't say anything about Conte getting it right or wrong. i was making a point that the better team won and the costa situation is still leaving a bad taste in the mouth, which is surely a point of view (valid or not to others) i can express on here

by 1WB, 30/09, 23:44 @ Walter

I was adding to your list of points!! And stating the obvious one you missed

by stanic_worship, 30/09, 22:19 @ Walter

Agreed, thought Rudiger was good too.

We deserved nothing from that game.

by Famous, 01/10, 09:32 @ Walter

Agreed. What the club/manager/players need to do though, is work out why that happens. There was a time you'd bet your house on Chelsea in the big games; now we seem to be either brilliant (Spurs, Atletico perfect examples) or really poor (eg City, Arsenal).

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