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That Blaukopf, you gotta love
by Spart, 30/10, 20:37

him ain't ya ???


How about instead of me having to beg to let back onto your board you just reinstate my account anyway ??? If you can reinstate it when I message you about it, then why do you have to wait for me to message you about it numbnuts, or is your excuse about it all being boardhost's fault a load of shyte and you did ban me and just don't want to lose face ???

For the record I don't want to come back as Spart2, SpartLite or ho, fookin ho Mrs Spart and have a permanent reminder of this episode hanging around me everytime I log on. I've always been Spart and always will be.....the last time you banned me and gave me some bullshyt about it being boardhost's fault I was able to have my old username back when you got your head out of your arse so I don't see why now should be any different.

Oh and while you are about it, if you want me back I'll have a public apology and an explanation of why you banned me while we are at it.......I doubt you want me back that much so lets just leave things as they are shall we, I'm sure everyone will discover what a lying qunt you are in their own time without my assistance.

I think people are getting fed up of me going on about this over here now, so either do the right thing and admit you fhucked up or don't mention me over there so I don't have to respond to it over here.

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