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Blaming Cahill
by cfcww, 18/09, 11:50

Not sure anyone should be blamed for drawing with Arsenal. I think people need a bit of perspective as it was hardly disastrous performance or result.

The issue for me with Cahill is that if we are going to improve as a team, which we will have to do to win the League again and have a run in the CL, then he has to play at the top of his game all the time. When he is in form he meets the standard but he suffers from major dips in form which go on for large chunks of seasons. The last dip in form spanned the second half of the 2014/15, all of 2015/16 and he only came back to form last year when Conte switched to three central defenders. It's hard to say whether his form is on the slide again but in the three games I've seen with him playing this year, he's mistimed challenges leading to reds and yellows and looks uncomfortable on the ball so it doesn't bode well.

He certainly doesn't look comfortable on the left side of the three that's for sure.

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